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Biology Online Activities and Videos


Evolution Links:

Online Activity:  Causes of Speciation (how new species evolve) 

Video:  What is evolution?

Video:  Superbugs (antibioitc resistant bacteria):  60 Minutes TV Program

Watch bacteria become superbug!

Peppered Moth Online Activity

Natural Selection Activity - Survival of the Sneakiest

Endosymbiosis:  Evolution of Organelles: Online Activity

Evolution In Action- online interactive- The big picture

Video:  PBS' Great Transformations

Video (16min):  Neanderthal's R-Us

Epigenetics Links:

   NOVA Science Now - Epigenetics Video

   Time Epigenetics Article: Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny

   Discover Article: DNA Is Not Destiny

Protein Synthesis Links:

Personal DNA Testing (NOVA Science Now - 15min)

Transcription movie (2min)

Translation movie (2min)

Video:  Glencoe (text) Visualizing Visualizing transcription and translation

Protein Synthesis Video


Boston Globe article re Genetic Testing:

RadioLab Podcasts about DNA, etc


DNA Structure and Replication Webquest

Protein Synthesis Webquest (BioCoach)

 Telomere video

Telomere and Telomerase Article

Alan Alda Scientific American Frontiers video on Telomeres Clock of Life

Learn Genetics - interactive about DNA, protein synthesis, etc

Stanford's Zooming Into DNA

John Kyrk's DNA Anatomy

DNA: Tour of the Basics Webquest

Genetics Links

NPR (2/17) Genes for Tall-ness!

PTC Taster Genetics Info

Independent Assortment Law - video

Video: Independent assortment and gamete diversity

Web Tutorial - Basic Mendel Peas Genetics

Practice a dihybrid cross

Simple Mendelian Genetics video

Genetics - part 2 video (incomplete, codominance, multiple alleles

Learn Genetics:  Cloning - Online Activity

Karyotyping - Online Activity

More genetics - codominance, blood typing,

Human Genome Project Video - Cracking the Code of Life

Genetics Learning Center - DNA Webquest,
Interactives, Videos, etc Learn Genetics 


Meiosis video

Meiosis Online Activity

   Nova Interactive - How Cells Divide

   Sumanas Meiosis Step Thru

   Lew Port's Meiosis Page

Meiosis Videos Concepts in Motion/Text videos

 Telomere video

Telomere and Telomerase Article

Alan Alda Scientific American Frontiers video on Telomeres Clock of Life

Telomere, Telomerase and Cancer Animation Links

Cell Cycle: Animation – How the cell cycle works

Animations: Mitosis and Meiosis

Mitosis and Cyokinesis Animation

Mitosis video

Onion Root tip Activity - Arizona Biology Onion Root Mitosis

John Kyrk Mitosis - Mitosis animation activity

Cells Alive Mitosis activity

Biology Corner Mitosis in whitefish and onion roots activity

Cell Division and DNA Human Cell & DNA Info sheet and animations

NOVA’s Everest the Death Zone Website

National Geographic’s 2012 Everest Blog & Info

Webquest – Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration steps animation

Chapter 8 Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, etc Text Animations CH8 Concepts in Motion

Where Do You Get Your Energy

Marathon Mouse Video

Mitochondria Video The Powerhouse of the Cell

Marathon Mouse - Exercise In a Pill

How the body responds to exercise

Online Cell Activities:  Biology Coach: Cell structure 

BioCoach:  Photosynthesis

Flames in 3D


Osmosis - Osmosis Animation

Diffusion - McGraw Hill Diffusion Animation

Membrane Transport Animation (Sumanas)

NOVA ScienceNow Killer Microbe  (evolution)

Digestive System – Online Labelling Activity

Surface Area to Volume Ratio Video

Mitocondrial Disease Article (Time Mag) - When Cells Stop Working

The Virtual Cell - Cell Membranes

Lew Port's Enzyme Animation

Textbbok Virtual Lab  Virtual Lab - Trophic Levels

Nova Interactive Population Ecology

Biochemical Cycling - Nitrogen, Carbon Cycles Biogeochemical Cycling

Nova Science Now 1918 flu video (virus & evolution)